“Do Not Despise Small Beginnings”, by Pastor Jim Warner Zechariah 4:10 “Leave the Results to GOD” Page 10 of 10 July 28, 2023 #139 ​ ❖ Hi, I’m Pastor Jim Warner from Agape Christian Fellowship in Mesa, AZ. ❖ Thanks for joining me today. =========================== ❖ What is the LORD asking you to do today? ❖ ❖ The O.T. book of Zechariah was written to the JEWS in Jerusalem – who had just gotten back from being in captivity in Babylon. ➢ …and they were given the job when they got home… ➢ “Rebuild the Temple” — but the work got stalled. ➢ So – it was Haggai & Zechariah’s job to face the people and get the project “back on track”. ————————————— ❖ Sometimes, it’s hard to get people “on-track’… ➢ …especially when they think – that something “NEW” should be BIGGER – and BETTER – than anything ever before. ———————————————- ❖ A lot of people think: “bigger EQUALS success”. ❖ But GOD is saying in Zech 4:10 … “Do not despise small beginnings, for the LORD rejoices to see the work begin…” ———————— ❖ GOD is saying… “I LOVE seeing things – “get going” – because you are following ME”… ➢ …you’re obeying ME… ➢ …you’re DOING what “I” want you to do. ———————– ❖ And when we’re doing what GOD has in mind… we’re TRUSTING HIM… ➢ …and it’s all good. ➢ And it doesn’t matter “WHAT” it is… ➢ …just so long – as we’re “obeying Him”. —————————- ❖ We’re not saying.. ➢ … “Wait a minute, GOD. I’ve got a “Bigger & better” idea.” —————————– ❖ Hey, listen – – ❖ “Trusting GOD — means – doing things HIS way.” ❖ It might be big. It might be small. ➢ But the Size – does NOT matter. ➢ What “DOES” matter is that we do things EXACTLY the way that HE wants it done… and we’ll LEAVE the results to HIM. —————————————- ❖ If you attend AGAPE, you know that we are a small church. We’re focused on “Doing” what the LORD wants us to do. ❖ If we’re small, we’re small… ❖ If we’re large, we’re large. ❖ Those things do NOT matter. ➢ What matters – is that we’re obeying the LORD. ———————————— ❖ So – Zechariah 4:10… “Do NOT despise small beginnings.” ➢ (No way… it doesn’t really matter at all.) ▪ We’re NOT gonna worry about it. ▪ We’re just gonna be faithful, and enjoy the ride. ▪ … and ‘leave the results to GOD’. ————————————– ❖ are you trying to – “be something that you’re NOT? ❖ The LORD is saying … ➢ “Don’t GO there… Just be faithful to do what’s put in front of you!” —————————— ❖ If it’s supposed to change — HE’ll make it change… ❖ Just leave the results – to “HIM” . ======================= PRAY ▪ Love GOD, Love People, Make Disciples ▪ Sunday morning, 10 a.m…. at Agape Christian Fellowship… ▪ Southeast corner — Power & Main – in Mesa. Remember- ❖ When we trust GOD… He’ll take care of the rest. ❖ Let’s just “Leave the Results to GOD.” ❖ GOD bless you – ➢ Be a bright light in a dark world.. in JESUS’ name… Amen.

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“Encouraging the Saints 210: Biblical Thought on COVID” by Michael Martin

Greetings Saints and Friends,​ While I was sitting in my study this morning reading, I noticed my nose was rather stuffy. Then the word 'Covid' came to mind. I asked myself, ‘Soul, do you have a Biblical thought on Covid?’ Especially during this time, Christians should be living with a Biblical thought on Covid. Probably [...]

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