Romans 9:32 “How Do You Get Right With GOD?” Page 10 of 10
September 1, 2023 #142

❖ Hi, I’m Pastor Jim Warner from Agape Christian Fellowship in Mesa, AZ.
❖ Thanks for joining me today.
❖ How does a person get right with GOD?
➢ I’m a ‘bottom-line’ kinda guy… which means – – I’d like to know the answer to that simple question.
➢ I don’t want to play games – with GOD.
❖ Well, the 9th chapter of Romans explains the plan of GOD – about how can have an eternal relationship with GOD.
❖ And HE boils it down in Romans 9:30-32 – where it says…
❖ 30 What does all this mean? Even though the Gentiles were not trying to follow God’s standards, they were made right with God. And it was by faith that this took place. 31 But the people of Israel, who tried so hard to get right with God by keeping the law, never succeeded. 32 Why not? Because they were trying to get right with God by keeping the law instead of by trusting in Him.
❖ The gospel message is actually very simple.
❖ We are made right with GOD when we believe that JESUS died for our sin… and in our place.
❖ But – if I think I can get right with GOD by trying hard to keep the law… well… the Bible says – THAT’s NOT gonna work.
➢ (“EVER”)
❖ Are you trusting in GOD to save you, or are you trusting in your own works ?
❖ The Bible teacher, J. Vernon McGee – once said, — “There are only two kinds of religion in the world …
➢ Those that say, “Do, do, do.”
➢ ..or Christianity – which says, “Done.” Christ has done it all.

❖ This verse in Romans says that when we try to earn our salvation — it’s really an insult to GOD == who is the giver.
❖ Imagine yourself being invited to a banquet at the White House by the President of the United States.
❖ You are seated at a table that is filled with the choicest foods.
❖ Every effort has been made to give you a really GREAT evening.
➢ At the end of this special event, the President stood at the front door to say good-bye to you.
➢ What do you do?
➢ As you leave… do you press a dime into the President’s hand and say, “Thank you very much for a created evening… I had a wonderful time.
▪ “I know this evening must have cost a lot of money, and I want to help pay for this, so here’s a little something.”
▪ Do you do that?
▪ NO – – – Absolutely NOT… because that would be RUDE.
• That President gave you a wonderful experience… because HE wanted to.
• And that’s the same with the GRACE of GOD.
• There’s NOTHING that we can do to – earn … or PAY for – our GIFT from GOD.
❖ But we “can” get right with GOD by trusting in Him.
❖ Make a decision today – to TRUST Him.
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❖ Make your decision today – to TRUST Jesus as your Lord & Savior. If you don’t know what this means, send me an email… and I’ll be glad to personally share with you what this means.
❖ The Bible says you can KNOW – that you KNOW – that you will be going to heaven – if you believe in JESUS.
❖ It starts with John 3:16. I look forward to hearing from you today.

❖ GOD bless you –
➢ Be a bright light in a dark world.. in JESUS’ name… Amen.