❖ Hi, I’m Pastor Jim Warner from Agape Christian Fellowship in Mesa, AZ.
❖ Thanks for joining me today.
❖ What do you feel — when a child or Grandchild is rebellious?
➢ We can see how GOD feels – when we Rebel against GOD.

❖ You probably know – that The 1st book of the Bible – – GENESIS — explains the detail of creation…
➢ …and then in chapter 3… the man & woman disobey what GOD had told them to do.
❖ And then – – – Sin takes OFF – and one of their boys — kills his brother
➢ – And before you know, in chapter 6:6 – instead of GOD saying that all of His creation was “GOOD”…

➢ …GOD is now saying… I’m “sorry that I ever made these people.”
❖ But it seems kinda harsh, doesn’t it?
❖ You would think – that – before going to all of this trouble, the Omniscient GOD (which means – “all-knowing” GOD) would’ve taken these acts of disobedience into account, and made a different decision – to NOT Even Create mankind…
➢ …because HE was so frustrated with what mankind had done.
➢ HE knew — they were only going to hurt themselves.
➢ …and now HE says that HE’s sorry for the wrong choices that they were making! – choosing to SIN — instead of choosing to be obedient.
❖ But the good news is… GOD is LOVE.
❖ And the Bible says in Romans 2:4. GOD is “kind, tolerant and patient.”
❖ Many listening to me today are parents… and you can probably relate with what GOD is saying.
❖ When your kids go “side-ways” — it’s easy to be SO Frustrated with your kids.
➢ But on the other hand, they are your kids… and you’ll love them forever.
❖ Well, GOD is our Father – because of what JESUS has done for us on the Cross.
➢ And GOD is “kind, tolerant and patient,”, because that’s GOD’s nature.
➢ In fact, the Bible says, in 1st JOHN 4 – that – “GOD is LOVE.”
❖ Do you think that GOD is going to “come-DOWN on you” for your sin?… and Never want to see you again?
➢ Well, we know that HE hates sin…
➢ …but we ALSO know that HE loves YOU!
❖ So – let’s be QUICK to confess our sin & repent, (or “Turn Around”) — not because we’re following a set of rules…
➢ …but because HE LOVES us… and HE is quick to forgive us our Sin.
❖ GOD loves us — and HE is ready, willing and able to forgive us — “even when…”
❖ Join us – on Sunday mornings at 10 o’clock at AGAPE Chrisitan Fellowship, as we walk through 1st JOHN — and talk about the love that GOD has for you.
▪ Love GOD, Love People, Make Disciples
▪ Sunday morning, 10 a.m…. at Agape Christian Fellowship…
▪ Southeast corner — Power & Main – in Mesa.

❖ GOD is our Father. When we sin – it breaks His heart. But when we confess our Sin, HE is faithful & just to forgive us our Sin – and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

❖ GOD bless you –
➢ Be a bright light in a dark world.. in JESUS’ name… Amen.