“Jesus told her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying. Everyone who lives in me and believes in me will never ever die.”

–John 11:25-26 (NLT)

Once, not long ago, a teacher named Doris gave her students an Easter assignment. After telling them about Jesus’ death and resurrection, she gave each student a plastic egg. She explained that the students were to bring examples of new life within their eggs the next day. Most of her students were eager to round up their little treasures for their teacher. However, one student just sat quietly, listening intently.

Jeremy was physically deformed and mentally ill since birth, and he was also suffering from a terminal illness. Because of these problems, the twelve-year-old boy was in her second-grade class. He often distracted Doris and the other students by grunting and squirming restlessly in his seat. Now, the teacher wondered whether her most difficult student had understood her assignment.

The next morning, all 19 students brought back their eggs, and Doris discussed how each student’s contribution was an example of new life. The first few eggs contained a flower, a lifelike plastic butterfly, and a moss-covered rock.

Then Doris opened an egg which was completely empty. She knew right away this was Jeremy’s egg. Instead of embarrassing him in front of the class, she put his egg aside and moved on to the next one.

But before she could open the next egg, Jeremy asked, “Miss Miller, aren’t you going to talk about my egg?”

“But Jeremy,” Doris exclaimed, “your egg is empty!”

Jeremy calmly responded, “Jesus’ tomb was empty too, but then his Father gave him new life.”

Doris was overcome with emotion. She thought Jeremy hadn’t understood the assignment, but he had found a beautiful way to relate his egg to the resurrection story.

Jeremy’s story reminded me that an egg is a perfect symbol of Jesus’ resurrection. At first it looks dead and empty, but then a new, living creature pops out of its shell. The Bible contains a similar life-from-death story. It states that each one of us was dead in sin when we were born. We lived only for ourselves, and we never thought about serving others. Jesus Christ wants to give each of us new and eternal life, and rescue us from our old sinful natures.

If you have been saved by Christ, I urge you to re-dedicate your life to him during this Easter weekend. If you don’t know God’s son yet, do some studying in the Bible. If you would like to be resurrected by Jesus’ loving promise of everlasting life, all you have to do is wholeheartedly believe in him and ask him to enter your life.

Jesus’ resurrection is definitely a reason to celebrate, both this weekend and every day afterwords.

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