Ever since I was little, I’ve always thought there was something magical about music boxes. I’m not sure why someone got the idea of putting together metal pieces and gears in such a way that they would create tinkling music, but I’m so glad these mechanical marvels exist. I started collecting them as a child, and I still do to this day.
Two of my first music boxes were inside stuffed animals. One of these, was a little squirrel, but one day, I wound the key a little too tightly, and no music played. I showed it to my mom, hoping she could fix it, but she told me the music box had been over-wound, and it would never play again.
Recently, I found a musical carousel horse in an antique store which plays “When You Wish Upon a Star”. But one day while I was winding it up, I realized something felt a bit off about the way the key was turning in my hand. When I turned the key one more time, it suddenly began spinning counter-clockwise very quickly. Instead of playing a coherent song, the music played so fast that it was unrecognizable.
Upon doing some research, I learned that the music box’s governor had broken. Simply put, the governor is a small rubber propeller which fans air across the mechanism, creating air resistance and controlling the speed of the music. It spins so fast that you can’t see it, but you can hear its motor-like sound as the music plays. If there were no governor, then gravity would run the show, and the orderly music would be replaced by noise, like someone banging on piano keys.

Until she wrote this story, I never found a good use for my wife’s music boxes. But I can’t complain anymore, since they provided me a good intro for today’s blog.
I concede that like those music boxes, we can all get wound up too tightly by the cares and concerns of life. Let me tell you about someone who seemed to be in that situation.
According to a blurb on Google, a man who posted on Facebook lacked privacy. But instead of going out and buying some new blinds, he used toilet paper to cover his windows.
Doesn’t that just make you scratch your head? It certainly did for me. It also made me wonder whether blinds were the only thing he was short on.
By now I imagine you’re probably thinking, “Okay, Tim’s thoughts don’t seem too kind today.” But I ask you to give me a break, and I’ll try to be more charitable.
Being honest with you, though, the idea of covering his windos in that way really didn’t seem too smart if he wanted privacy. Instead of buying that extra-large pizza, why didn’t he save a few bucks and buy conventional blinds?
Some people give the appearance of not having a care in the world, while pacing the floor behind closed doors. Others seem to carry the world on their shoulders, and they just try to be strong when dealing with bumps in the road.
In any case, it seems that life has a way of incessantly nagging at all of us, and figuratively speaking, we often use a kind of toilet-paper solution to cover up our problems.
Many times, we wear masks when dealing with either kind of stress. In this way, we attempt to hide our troubles from the rest of the world, and we hope they’ll just go away.
But if you are tired of dealing with stress and tension alone, there is good news, which can be found in the following scripture:
“Then he shouted, “Lazarus, come out!” And Lazarus came—bound up in the gravecloth, his face muffled in a head swath. Jesus told them, “Unwrap him and let him go!” And so at last many of the Jewish leaders who were with Mary and saw it happen, finally believed on him.” (John 11:43-45, TLB)
This scripture passage contains good news because we all tend to erect spiritual walls. In the Bible’s pages, it says that we can all have a friend who sticks closer than a brother, and you never have to be on your own when it comes to solving or dealing with problems again.
Scripture shows us that God loves and knows us all, even better than we know ourselves. He sent Jesus to live and die for us, and because He rose from the grave on the third day, we can all live victoriously through His name.
You and I can find the rest that mankind seeks by not using a toilet-paper solution when problems arise. Instead, we can look to God.
Just as Jesus once called Lazarus from a literal grave, He is calling you from a life of frustration, which keeps you wound and bound.
So if you feel all wound up and your governor is ready to break, don’t try to find answers in makeshift solutions. Call on God today for an eternal resolution, and give Jesus permission to be the new governor of your life. While your problems won’t go away, He’ll share the load with you, giving you a new song as you travel the road of life.
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