““My food,” said Jesus, “is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.”
–John 4:34 (NIV)
Today’s blog will be divided into three sections, which intelligently discuss different kinds of meat. Each section will be labeled for easy reference. I hope this will be of some small help in any scholastic endeavors that you may pursue. So without wasting any more time, let’s get started with BURGER BLOOPERS.
Attention, all meat eaters! Here’s an important news item that you won’t hear about on your mainstream media sites. In fact, this has thrown me into a panic, and it almost caused me to become a vegetarian. I intend to write my Congressman about this list, and I hope my research will motivate you to do the same.
While it is no secret that prices are going up, I stumbled upon a horrifying article on the Internet. It stopped me in my tracks, and if you are a fellow burger lover, it may just do the same for you.
As it turns out, Burger King now offers a $200 burger! (And to think I was outraged when they discontinued the dollar menu at McDonald’s.) Seeing this, I wondered if they had gone mad, and I turned away from my computer in disgust. All the while I was muttering to myself, “Who really has that kind of money, except for a guy like Donald Trump?”
Then, after calming down with a glass of water, I knew I had to find out more about this atrocity, so trembling with fury, I read on. You won’t believe what I found out, but here goes anyway.
Another article told me that this burger, which is simply called The Burger, weighs 95 pounds. And I thought a Burger King Whopper was big! This monstrous burger is made from Wagyu beef, which I am told is an Asian variety. It also contains slices of Pata Negra ham, a delicacy that is way above my pay grade. Other ingredients include Cristal onion straws, white truffles, lambs lettuce, and pink Himalayan rock salt. That list made me flinch. I wondered what kinds of toppings they would try out on pizza.
Quite disturbed, I started to post this on Facebook, but in order to be thorough, I went back over the first article again. I was very glad I did, for something I hadn’t noticed caught my eye.
I have to admit that I spoke in haste. To my chagrin, I saw that The Burger is only offered once a week at a single Burger King in England.
This was a blatant case of negligence on my part. Therefore, friends, I humbly ask your forgiveness, and I hope you are not too shaken to move on from here with me. Instead of feeling cooped up by my mistakes, I suggest we look on the bright side and tackle CHICKEN TALK together.
I have always enjoyed working for myself, and spending more time at home is one of the benefits. Because of this, my wife and I can be together more, so we both enjoy the flexibility. But if I had to list a major drawback to being my own boss, it would be book-keeping.
When I was a kid, my favorite subject in school was lunch. However, I dreaded what came after that. My fifth-grade math class and its teacher, Mr. Webber, were both very boring. I would often doze in class, so I developed a system, just in case Mr. Webber called on me.
I had a friend of sorts who sat in the back row with me. He was the school’s underdog, because he dressed differently and he was a nerd. If you remember being that age, you’ll recall that this definitely wasn’t cool, and the other students would pick on him. He also had a funny accent, which made them laugh even harder. But for some crazy reason, he enjoyed math.
“Okay,” you say, “but what does that have to do with chickens?” Please let me finish–I’m coming to that.
Because of my role as protector, Simon and I came to an understanding. I thought he was both strange and crazy, but he had some qualities that I emulated. He hated wood shop, though, so I solemnly promised that I would finish projects for him, as long as he covered for me in math class.
This worked out great until I had to keep books. Oh, don’t get me wrong–I can do easy math, like 2+2 = 5. But I still find the hard stuff to be really frustrating, and that is where chickens come in.
My wife was getting fed up with the angry outbursts this caused, and one day she presented me with an ultimatum. Either I would stop complaining, or she threatened to do some extended shopping. I don’t mind telling you that I was scared out of my mind, as my credit cards were over-extended after her last trip to the mall. So, looking to Google as my last resort, I searched day and night for any kind of help, figuring that it would cost me less in the long run.
Eventually I found this article about chickens, and as an animal lover, I decided to take a break and read it. It was interesting, but I didn’t find anything outstanding–until I came across a paragraph which I will condense for you. It simply said scientists have found that chickens can do math.
I whooped, “Our troubles are over!” Naturally, my wife came running.
“What’s this all about?” she demanded. I just grabbed my keys and scribbled this note to you, my readers: “Wife will take over. I live in an apartment, and I’m looking for a service chicken.”

Since my husband handed this note over to me, I intend to look at a more serious topic which I will call MEAT MUSINGS. I noticed with shock that as I read what he had to say, there was nothing of a spiritual flavor. So let me ask you: In contrast to the above, have you ever thought about how the Bible addresses the subject of meat?
Scripture tells us that we need to search for the meat of the Word, and Jesus said that His meat was to do the will of His Father. Hamburger and chicken are satisfying foods, but they are only temporal, while God’s Word is eternal. Therefore, I hope you will join me as we examine His meat together.
The meat of the Word is its substance or core. But just as physical meat requires time to process, spiritual meat requires time spent in cultivation and meditation. Christians are commanded to study God’s Word, but this must not become head knowledge only.
Just as we enjoy a specific time for meals, we must cultivate the practice of studying at a certain time of day. Mornings work best for Timothy, as God’s Word sets the tone for his day.
When your Bible study time comes, look for a quiet place where you can put your full attention on Him as He speaks to your heart. Become a student of the scriptures as you learn to value this treasure more and more.
But as the Bible says, knowledge for the sake of knowledge can bring dangerous pride. But cultivating a deep prayer life in which you and God talk over His Word will be a safeguard against this.
Just as hamburger and chicken need to be handled accurately, so does the meat of God’s Word. This is done in several ways, but we can only touch on three ideas here.
First, talk to God about what you may find unsetteling, or ask Him about any questions you may have. Whenever you do this, begin with worship and praise.
If you still have questions, I suggest that you find a mentor who you can trust. This needs to be a person who you can talk to easily, while going over the scriptures. Google can also be an excellent resource, but test their answers against other scriptures.
If you love meat, you know that the flavor really comes out as you chew it. The same rule applies with meditating on God’s Word. You will find that mulling it over will be of great strength and support to you as you take it with you. Store it in your heart permanently, and it will always give you guidance and protection as you travel through life.
So learn to cultivate and meditate upon scripture, and you will find that hamburger and chicken pale in comparison to the eternal Word of God.
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