“When Jesus had tasted it, he said, ‘It is finished!’ Then he bowed his head and released his spirit.”
–John 19:30 (NLT)
The father meticulously inspected all the things which his son had created. Then, nodding, He checked each one off His list, finally giving everything His stamp of approval.
“I hope you understand, son, but since I drew up the initial designs, I wanted to check your work. I didn’t know how you would do with nothing to start with, but you’re a chip off the old block–a true artist!”
Then the Father cleared His throat and said sadly, “Son, I have a meeting with Gabriel to attend. Come into the board room with me. We need to talk.”
“Yes, what is it, Father?”
“I have been watching Adam’s race very carefully, and while I will miss you terribly, I think it is time to send you down there.”
When the Son started to speak, the Father only waved His hand for silence. “I love the people We have created together,” He continued, “but they have lost their way, just as the children of Israel once did. What I am asking you to do, though, would be at tremendous personal sacrifice.
“Once on earth, You would live in extreme poverty, only to be rejected by most people. You will live as a poor carpenter, and be greatly tempted by the father of lies, but You must remain faithful. I am not worried about that, however, for You have always been totally obedient, desiring to do my will above Your own. If you will do this one thing, I have prepared a special message of love for you to deliver.”
Unable to stand it any longer, the son cut in. “Of course I will go, Father. I love Adam’s race just as much as you.”
“Thank you, son,” the father sighed, “but I want you to know what you’re getting into. The lonely road which You must travel for them will lead you from a cold stable to a homeless existance. But I’m afraid that’s not all. After being tried falsely, you will be beaten, mocked, and spit upon. Finally, you will be hung on a barbaric cross, as payment for the sins our chosen people have committed.
“Please memorize Your last two phrases if you are willing to take this on, for they are very important. your messages are, ‘It is finished’, and ‘Father, into Thy hands I commend my spirit.’ These words will tell everyone that their sin debt has been paid in full.
“From there, You will be taken down from the cross, and laid in a borrowed tomb. But here is the best part–on the third day, you will rise victoriously from the dead, and come back home in a few days.”
“Consider it done, father. I would be honored to take the good news to a lost world.”

Since Christ has finished the Work of redemption for us, there is nothing more we can do in our own strength to obtain God’s mercy.
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