–Isaiah 59:2 (NLT)
Remember when we had to wait for a radio or TV to warm up, or when we actually had to prepare food? From the time we get up to the time we go to bed, the
conveniences we use allow us to get what we want when we want it.
However, one study showed another side to our need-it-now culture. It said that if people’s equipment didn’t start working within 22 seconds, they became
impatient. Another study conducted by Microsoft showed that our attention spans were only 8 percent. Then someone else, showed that that small number is
decreasing at an alarming rate.
Because of our love afair with speed, you can see fast food restaurants on virtually every corner, and they are only increasing in quantity. Then there
may be those family members that you haven’t seen in years, or that friend you may have lost track of.
But maybe this is not the case at all. Perhaps you are fortunate, and all your loved ones live nearby. But thanks to our preoccupation with electronic
and social media, you still don’t communicate on a deep level with them. While you can contact your friends and family in several ways, you have to admit
that it’s not the same as face-to-face communication. When you look at the ease we enjoy, you still might be tempted to say that even so, you are glad
that waiting has been pretty much illiminated from our lifestyle.
“Tim,” you may argue, “you’ve only looked at the negative side of things. What about all the advances we’ve made because of speed?” That’s a good point,
but in light of that I would like to make a statement. Though these conveniences benefit us in many ways, we haven’t talked about the most important connection
that unprecedented speed can weaken.
According to the Bible, our connection with God is the connection upon which all others rest. As with any other connection, when our link to God is neglected,
the signal which it carries is weakened at best, and sometimes it is lost altogether.
Have you ever wanted to listen to a radio program, in spite of a faulty connection? Let’s say you had about 30 minutes before it aired. Naturally, you
got busy repairing the dammage. The result was a clear signal, and therefore the information was transmitted in an intelligible manner.
Now you may ask what this has to do with hearing God’s voice, and I would answer, “Everything.” Just as a faulty connection would have kept you from hearing
that program, a severed link with God will prevent you from hearing His loving words. So if you can’t hear His voice today, let me share some things with
you from our support guide and instruction manual, the Bible.
It says that all of us have a severed connection to God, and we are separated from Him. No matter how hard we try, we miss the mark because we are imperfect,
while God is holy and pure. But He loved us when we rebeled against Him, and God sent His Son so that a repaired connection to our Father could become
a reality.
However, you may have come to Him at one time, and now you wonder why you seem to have a connection lapse with Him. But instead of doubting when the heavens
seem like brass, my friend, you may need to repair that connection. Just as you would when making any other connection, you need to meet and come into
full agreement with the sender in order to receive a clear signal. God’s ways are right, but sometimes we forget that He has our best interest in mind.
We lose sight of that, and we become disobedient.
So today, instead of hearing static or nothing at all, why not go to the support manual and check for errors in your link to the Lord? As you follow what
it says, God’s signal will come in stronger and stronger.
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