Hi again, Stephanie here! The Christmas season is winding down, and Timothy is working on a new devotion which we’ll are with you next week. In the meantime, here’s one of Tim’s New Year’s devotions. We hope this inspires you, and we wish all of you a very happy and blessed new year!!

“And we have known and believed the love that God has for us. God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him.”
–1 John 4:16 (NKJV)
If you are a history student, you undoubtedly enjoy studying all of the great revolutions that have taken place down through the ages. While you might learn about many heroes you would like to emulate, most revolutions have been fought for reasons of power, pride and prestige.
I’m sorry to say that one prime example of this type of revolution is much of church history. People have done all kinds of heinous things in the name of Christ for reasons of self-agrandisement.
On the other hand, Jesus has called his true followers to a revolution of love. In other words, instead of trying to get ahead at any cost, we need to allow love for God and others to be the driving force in our lives. Let me explain what I mean.
When I was growing up, I had an electric train that I liked to play with for hours. Sometimes I would let the engine run all by itself, pretending it was a car. Sometimes I would fill the freight cars with Lincoln logs. And of course I always liked to make the train go as fast as it could. My dad had nailed the track to a big board, but even then the train was always derailed when it sped around too fast.
So what do electric trains and revolutions have in common? Every time I have gone too fast and gotten ahead of God, I have gone off the track just like that little train, and my power supply would be cut off. However, I found that God wants to give us the power to live victoriously in our everyday existance.
While I considered how we might do this, three B’s came to mind that I thought I would pass along. These are simply the ideas of Basking, Building and Blessing.
Just as you love to bask in the sun on a lazy day, God wants you to bask in the sunlight of His love by spending time in His word. Unlike my little train, you don’t need to face catastrophe when you cross the bridges of life. Get to know God’s word, and you will find Him to be a faithful friend who will walk with you forever.
It’s interesting to me that Jesus was a carpenter, as God loves to build things. He wants to build trust and character within His children, while commanding us to build up others around us. Look for opportunities to encourage and serve others, shining your light in a dark world. You will be amazed by the doors that open for you.
Finally, bless others, and tell them just how much God loves them. Instead of complaining about a situation, look for God’s hand in it, and see how He is working in your life. I realize this can be easier said than done. I’ve been through some dark times myself. But try to give all your worries and cares to God.
I’m not saying that your troubles will magically disappear, since they may actually increase. But the Bible mentions a fourth B when it says that Jesus is our elder brother. As a brother, then, he wants to give you a new sense of peace as he walks through your storms with you and guides you into the sunlight.
During this new year, let’s march to love’s drum, and bring to others the greatest force the world has ever known!
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