“Don’t be afraid!” David said. “I intend to show kindness to you because of my promise to your father, Jonathan. I will give you all the property that once belonged to your grandfather Saul, and you will eat here with me at the king’s table!”
--2 Samuel 9:7

Have you ever wanted to change something about yourself? When I was looking up this question on Google, one person said that they really wanted to change their bank balance.

While this sounds funny, I don’t believe that we have ever lived in a time when people were more discontented than they are today. All you have to do is watch infomercials to see the truth of this. I was no exception, so I would like to share some of my journey with you. I hope that what I learned along the way will be helpful to you.

Since much of my attitude was based on what others thought, I wanted to change some things about my physical appearance for years. People made harsh comments when I was young, and I never felt satisfied about myself or my looks. I went to great lengths to find a solution, and I spent thousands of dollars that I really didn’t have. But it was an uphill battle that went on for years, and nothing seemed to work.

Over time, I learned to look at Jesus more and more, instead of concentrating on my own faults. I found a new freedom, confidence and strength which helped me face the world. I slowly came back to the simple fact that God accepted me just the way I was. I found that the internal changes He brought surpassed my wildest expectations. The good news is that He offers you the same asurance.

Please look at the opening scripture with me. There are three life-changing concepts that we need to examine here.

First of all, let’s see what God has to say about our fears. Just as Saul’s grandson was afraid of King David, who only wanted to show him kindness, we often have an unfounded fear of God. We may mentally dwell on something we have done in the past, allowing this to cripple us.

But the Bible says that we don’t have to live like this. It tells us that God loves us with an everlasting love, and that His mercies are new every morning. Furthermore, it goes on to say that there is no condemnation in Christ. Still another verse tells us that He separates us from our sin as far as the east is from the west.

Jesus taught us that this freedom with God also extends to our dealings with our fellow man. He taught us not to live in fear, but rather to meditate upon His Word. As you spend more and more time with Him, then, you will begin to develop a deeper sense of peace. God’s acceptance will become a reality for you, and you will know beyond any shadow of a doubt that He is in control of every situation you face. Soon, all those little things that used to upset you will suddenly seem less important.

Second, we see King David showing kindness as he restores the property to Saul’s grandson. Spiritually speaking, God wants to restore you to fellowship with Him if you will ask. He wants to provide you with riches far beyond what this world has to offer, by making you a new creation in Christ. God's transformation of your heart will provide a real change--one that is not just temporary.

Only those who experience this wonderful transformation will reach our final step. God invites all of us to dine with Him and commune at His heavenly table.

What will you do about this invitation? He is personally asking you to make a real change, and come to His table in humility.

The Bible says that Christ bore all of our sins which once separated us from God.

In order to realize this, you need to accept His free gift. If you haven’t done this already, you must take this step so that you will experience new life in Him. On the other hand, if you have wandered away, God is inviting you to come back to His table today. Either way, confessing your sins to Him will change your spiritual direction and put you on an upward path.

Instead of settling for temporary changes that will only satisfy you for a season, I pray that you will choose to God and experience His radical changes in yourself today!

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