“For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.”
–Philippians 4-13 (NLT)

Sometimes in life, each of us gets the chance to try something interesting for the first time. Maybe we’re a little nervous or hesitant to leave our comfort zones, but we step out and try it anyway, and soon we wonder why we waited so long to expand our horizons.

When I was in junior high school, I was accepted into a government program which gave students some temporary employment during the summer. Each student filled out an application, and then they were matched up with a paid, month-long job. These temporary jobs were given out based on the students’ interests. My main hobby was playing piano, so I was offered a job performing in a local nursing home.

I remember feeling rather nervous on my first day at the care center. Would I fit in with the other students? Would my job coach enjoy my playing? Most importantly, how would I fit in with all the residents, who were so much older than me?

Of course, my nervousness soon vanished as I performed and became acquainted with everyone. My days at the nursing home hardly seemed like work after a while. Everyone really enjoyed my playing, and I loved talking with the residents during their morning activities. I was sad to leave the home when my month of work ended, but my days of working in nursing homes had only just begun.

During the past few months, my husband Timothy and I have started our own local business, as part of New Vision Ministries. We perform in several nursing homes around Arizona each month. During each of our shows, we sing lots of songs and tell jokes in between numbers. The residents and staff usually seem to enjoy our shows very much. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia don’t respond as often as the higher-functioning residents, but we hope we’re putting a smile on their faces and helping to inject a little happiness into their lives.

As much as we enjoy entertaining, we also strive to bring glory and honor to God by working with the residents of these nursing homes. Some people believe that we can’t or shouldn’t do this type of work because we are blind. But as far as Tim and I are concerned, that’s a bunch of hogwash! In spite of our so-called limitation, we want to show everyone that Jesus Christ enables us to do all things.

God has often implored us to go out and minister to people who are poor, sick or neglected. Instead of speaking through the rich and the mighty, He called upon simple and humble people. Noah was a simple family man, but God knew he was the best man to build the ark. Moses felt totally undeserving when God commanded him to bring the Egyptians out of slavery, but our Lord gave him the words and the tools he needed to get the job done. Jesus Christ may be the best example of God’s love of humble people, and His will that we serve others. The son of God grew up as a carpenter and spent his entire ministry serving and healing people who were left behind by society because of sickness, poverty or handicaps.

Do you feel like you’re only one small person who can’t make a difference? Then I urge you to ask God how you fit into His divine plan, and how you can help others in this corrupted world. If you don’t know Jesus yet, find out about Him through God’s Word, and then prayerfully ask Him to forgive your sins and enter your life.

The world may seem like an overwhelming place, but God is ready to show you where and how you can be of service to others. Maybe the chance you’re looking for is right in your own backyard. You may be a little nervous at first, just as I felt when I started working in nursing homes. In that case, I hope you will remember that you can do more than you ever imagined, as long as you are strengthened and enabled by Christ.

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