Don’t worry, folks–we’re not talking about your choice in housing! In order to understand the title of this devotion, I’d

like you to read this story which my husband wrote a few years ago. It might make you think.
One day, Time stood still and said to himself, “I don’t like the way things are being run in my village. Yestomorrow is agreat town, but I think a change is in order.” As he scratched his head, an idea came to him. He thought, “I will call a

So he went to his friends, the town counselors, with this meeting proposal. They were the brothers Yesterday, Today and

Tomorrow. They came to the meeting room, but they were angry and they sneered, “How dare you come marching in demanding a

meeting? You are but a newcomer here.”
The hand of Time shot up to reply, but before he could the door opened. Father Time, who lived with his son, entered the

He cleared his throat and said in a low tone, “I am older than you all, and I’ve heard the commotion in here. Have

respect, and listen to my son. He’s not really a newcomer, for he has moved in with me, and I have been here before any of

So the others answered grudgingly, “Okay, we’ll hear what he has to say, for he has always seemed to be a reasonable

Happily, Time flew to the front of the room and cleared his throat.
“My brothers,” he began, “let us not quarrel, for all of you play an important part in this town. The only thing I wish to

bring up is this: Our town is unnecessarily divided.”
Today sat quietly, listening and nodding slightly, while Yesterday and Tomorrow both shouted out in unison, “What do you

mean, divided?”
“Simply this,” Time answered, once the room was quiet again. “Please hear me out, for we can discuss the issue when I am

Time stopped and coughed nervously. How would the others react to his announcement?
“My friend, Yesterday, no one can underestimate the value you bring to this town. You bring us so many pleasant memories,

which we truly enjoy reliving. More importantly, you also offer lessons from the past, and you give us the chance to learn

from our mistakes. The only problem is that too many people live in your section of town.”
Then Time turned to his second brother. “Tomorrow, you are also wonderful, because you bring brightness to our lives. You

give us encouragement and hope as we look to the future. But, too many people live in your district also.”
Time addressed his next comments to both of his brothere. “Since this town is so unevenly balanced, I suggest that we

rezone our town so that all of us live in the district of Today. I believe that if people live in Yesterday alone, they

may use it as an escape. The same is true of Tomorrow. People can get so caught up in the future that they ignore the

Sadly enough, the suggestion of Time had little effect on the others. The town of Yestomorrow was never rezoned, and

people had continued to live as they always had. To this very day, the districts owned by Tomorrow and Yesterday are still

growing. While Time still lives in town, Yesterday and Tomorrow have treated him with contempt, but he is still one of the

few true friends of Today.
So, which “side of town” do you choose to live on? As it says in the story, we often pay visits to yesterday and today. We

all love reminiscing about past events, and our future plans and dreams deserve our focus sometimes. But I believe it’s

best to focus most of our energy on today. Try to live in the moment as much as possible. We can look backward or forward

in our minds, but each present moment is a wonderful and ever-changing gift from God. I hope you will cherish this gift,

instead of squandering it by depending on dreams and memories.
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