Unpack Your Baggage at God’s Feet (re-post)

//Unpack Your Baggage at God’s Feet (re-post)

Unpack Your Baggage at God’s Feet (re-post)

A Note from Stephanie: Hello, everyone! Next week, we’ll be moving out of this house and into a new apartment. We’d really appreciate your prayers that everything will go smoothly during the move.
Tim and I have reflected a lot on what a blessing this house has been during the past 3 years, so we decided to re-post a devotion Tim wrote back in 2016, right after we moved in. We hope you’ll enjoy reading this post for the first or second (or 10th?) time. We’ll see you next time we post a devotion (which may be a few days early due to the move). God bless you all!

“Give your burdens to the Lord, and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall.”
–Psalm 55:22 (NLT)
As you may know from our past devotions, we moved into a new house a few weeks ago. If you’ve ever moved before, you’ll remember that one of the great joys of settling into a new house is unpacking all the boxes and storage containers you brought with you. Sometimes it can take a while to get everything out of each box, and get the new house organized. They say it’s great to have “a place for everything and everything in its place”, but sometimes that’s easier said than done.
In the same way, each of us tends to carry around emotional baggage at times. We may be burdened by past issues, present-day problems, or worries about the future. Perhaps the problems on our minds are not personal. Each day, the world seems to sink deeper into its own troubles, and we’re inundated with awful news reports that stay on our minds long after we turn off the TV.
So what do you do with all your heavy emotional baggage? Your family and friends may be a source of comfort to you, but they aren’t always around, and they may not always be able to help you out. You may turn to your job or a hobby in order to express your feelings, or distract yourself from thinking about your troubles. But distractions will only keep you busy for a short while, and sooner or later you’re feeling angry or worried or depressed again. Professional counseling is always an option. But a counselor’s advice may not be the answer to your problem, and it may cost more than you can afford.
The world offers several ways to cope with stress, anger and depression. But as you can see in the above scripture, God is always available and ready to hear and respond to all of your cares and your problems. And of course, God’s help is always free and freely given.
The Bible states that God has promised to hear and answer all of your prayers. Sometimes God’s answer may not be what you expected, or it may take longer in coming than you imagined. But God will hear and answer you, in His own way and His own time. I know from experience that God’s peace, which surpasses all understanding, will come upon you once you have given all your cares and problems to Him.
I pray that you will begin turning to God when worries or problems get you down. If you haven’t already dedicated yourself to God, study about Him in the Bible. Then, humbly ask Him to forgive your sins and take control of your life. If you’re already a Christian, I challenge you to re-dedicate yourself to following Jesus Christ, and listening for His voice in your daily life.
In our fallen world, there may not be enough storage space for your emotional baggage. But God has unlimited room for you if you promise to believe in Him, and He has promised to hear and answer all of your prayers. So start unloading your burdens at God’s feet today. You’ll never regret having God in your corner.
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